Philosophy of Care

The founding of Zanta Health Care was driven by the desire to provide a health care agency that would deliver quality care. Zanta Health Care is founded on four core principles care, innovation, value and a holistic approach. These four principles are the pillar stones of our organisation. These four principles will serve to direct and guide our management and daily running of organisational structures, policies, procedures, human resources and all other organisational resources.

Quality Care is the heart of our organisation. We aim to develop and structure our services, policies, procedures and human resources based on strong ethos of caring. We believe that addressing the emotional need of care “soothes the soul “paving the way to healing and promoting the implementation of other care interventions. We promise to deliver a quality service through our ethos of care, by ensuring our systems and procedures are challenged to provide an innovative system that continually seeks to find new and better ways to care for our clients.

Innovation At Zanta Health Care we believe each day marks a new search to improve the quality of our care. Our motto is” The light of dawn marks a new beginning, a new outlook” to improving the quality of our service. Zanta Health Care will work with other agents and implement all possible measures to find new and improved ways of continually improving our services to provide the best care.

Value Our greatest and most valued asset is the people we look after and the people that work for us. We believe people make us who we are. Our service places great value on our human resources. We believe in putting people first. We believe “To know someone is the window to caring for our clients”. We aim to create a healthy professional relationship with our clients enabling us to take an in-depth analysis of their care needs and promote a working partnership with the client. We promise to ensure all our systems and procedures take an individual approach in providing service. Our organisation promises to ensure that we respect, value and nurture the patients needs to promote growth and self development.

Holistic View At Zanta Health Care we believe as round as the world is so is the outlook to our care. We as an organisation must take a complete all round look at the individual’s care needs. We believe all care needs are interlinked and must be met to provide quality care standards as well as a truly satisfied client.